River Wind Ukraine

River Wind Ukraine is a nucleus project of the “Hydrogen Valley” called to establish sustainable development of the Hydrogen Economy in Ukraine and over the World thru the implementation of Energy 4.0


Development of hydrogen energy.

RiverWind Ukraine Project aims to develop a Green Economy in Ukraine, creating and implementing a number of Hydrogen Energy projects.

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Renewable energy from Ukraine will feed Western Europe

The largest hybrid fleet of wind and solar power generators in Eastern Europe with a total capacity of up to 5 GW will be located in the waters of the Kakhovka Reservoir. From there, hydrogen will be exported to Western Europe. The RiverWind Ukraine project will be implemented in several stages and will last until 2028. During this period, more than $5 bil. will be invested in Ukrainian industries.

Ukraine has the most favourable conditions in Europe for the production and export of Green Hydrogen

Ukraine is the optimal candidate for the implementation of "green" projects

Ukraine can hold about 340 GW of installed capacity of renewable energy sources on its territory. Placing a hybrid park in the water area of the Kakhovka Reservoir with further processing of the received electricity into hydrogen will not lead to depletion of water resources, but on the contrary, will save water by reducing its evaporation. It will also reduce the flowering of the pond by lowering the water surface temperature by a few degrees.


Average annual water evaporation in Kakhovka reservoirs 0.5-1.0 million tons per year per square kilometers.


The water demand of the hybrid park is ~6% of the water stored on evaporation.


The water area of the hybrid park will cover 210 square kilometers.


Floating solar aeration panels will cover 40% of the park.


Export potential to EU countries reaches 350 terawatts per year.


This is 120 billion m³ H2 (energy equivalent - 40 bil. m³ of natural gas)


Ukraine, Germany, as well as the EU - all will benefit from the implementation of this project. This will completely upgrade the energy supply model, and will also lead to the achievement of real energy self-sufficiency


Germany: technology transfer, supply of high-tech equipment, fulfillment of climate obligations


Ukraine: Reindustrialization, create added value and new jobs, promote scientific development


Kakhovka Reservoir is located in three regions.

Kakhovka Reservoir is located in the lower reaches of the Dnieper River, in the Kherson, Zaporizhia and Dnipropetrovsk regions. Put into operation in 1956.
The water surface with an area of 21,000 hectares, which was planned to be allocated for operation, is not crossed by navigable fairways, there are no infrastructure facilities. The depth of the bottom is 2 - 7 m. This place occupies 5.1% of the total area of the reservoir.

River Wind Ukraine
River Wind Ukraine
River Wind Ukraine
River Wind Ukraine
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