New South Wales (NSW), Australia, has seen clean hydrogen blended into its gas networks for the first time under a two-year trial revealed today (Nov 18).

This is a significant development not just for NSW but for the wider Australian hydrogen ecosystem with clean hydrogen now set to be utilised for cleaner use with homes and households.

Hydrogen blending within the gas network is part of the wider aim to build on NSW’s hydrogen strategy; Jemena, the energy infrastructure company responsible for the gas blending, is supplying hydrogen from its $15m Western Sydney Green Hydrogen Hub.

Jemena is also building hydrogen-ready gas infrastructure at the new Bradfield City Centre, on the doorstep of Sydney’s second international airport, contributing its energy infrastructure expertise to a feasibility study underpinning the development of a hydrogen hub at Newcastle.

The company is also a partner in the Future Fuels CRC’s $90m research and development program aimed at transitioning Australia’s energy infrastructure to a low-carbon economy.

Each of these developments aim to rapidly scale the hydrogen value chain with NSW.

Frank Tudor, Managing Director of Jemena, said, “Green hydrogen emits no carbon and is a 100 per cent renewable gas. By blending it into our gas distribution network we are driving the transition to a low-carbon future by providing cleaner energy solutions to our New South Wales customers.

“This is the first step to decarbonise the Jemena Gas Network.”