Innovative enterprise in India pratsyuvatime over the transformation of bio-methane into ecologically clean water. Vikoristovuvat technology plants Bio-CNG, based on the technology of steam reforming of methane. The enterprise will be a collection of viroblates from organic inputs of biomethane, and from ny – water, – Elektrovesti informs.

An innovative plant, which is the first in its kind to be involved in an infrastructural project for the re-processing of access to water in India, if it will be disassembled at a retractable plant with a bio-methane technology, to maintain GPS Renewables. The company, which is engaged in environmentally friendly technologies in the management of access routes, has been incorporated into the whole project as a sponsor and supplier of the HyGear water supply.

The project of appeals to India on the path of decarbonization and help to develop the economy of the Vodnev.

“Ecologically clean water from organic inputs and gas is the most efficient way to create low-carbon burns in the next generation,” meaning Marinus Kan Driel, General Director of HyGear. seogodnі, with the lowest wikids “.