2021 has yet again been a record-breaking year for the hydrogen industry with H2stations revealing that 142 hydrogen refuelling stations went into operation worldwide in the company’s 14th annual assessment.

The assessment provides a worldwide perspective on hydrogen refuelling infrastructure signalling that 37 new stations were opened in Europe, 89 in Asia, and 13 in North America.

In doing so, it could suggest where hydrogen within the mobility industry is most popular with Asia clearly leading the development of the necessary infrastructure.

Another key statistic is that hydrogen refuelling is now possible in 33 different countries.

Across the globe, the end of 2021 saw 685 hydrogen refuelling stations in operation worldwide with concrete plans in place to expand this to an extra 252.

Of this figure, Europe holds 228 of these hydrogen refuelling stations with Germany leading the hydrogen charge with 101 across the nation.

In North America, 60 of the overall 86 stations are situated in California, a state which saw huge growth for its hydrogen sector in 2021, with this momentum expected to continue to surge in the coming months.