A hydrogen storage facility may appear in Estonia. A corresponding project to build a 25,000-cubic-meter hydrogen storage facility is planned to be implemented in the port of Tallinn. Also, the port management is currently looking for a way to convert local ferries to use hydrogen and install a refueling station in the port of Vanasadam. The construction of the projects will take place in partnership with Alexela.

In particular, it is also planned to create towns for the maintenance of wind farms and a hydrogen terminal within the ports of Muuga and Paldisky, which are part of Tallinna Sadam. As the port of Paldisky never freezes, it is ideal for the export and import of hydrogen. At the same time, there is still no terminal for hydrogen transportation within the Gulf of Finland.

In turn, the port of Muuga stands out for its advantageous location. In addition, it is here that Rail Baltica will start in the near future, the use of which will be very convenient for business.